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How we work

Our work is human, challenging and transformational. We are at times unorthodox but always supportive with an eye for the practical application.

The central tenet of our method is the integration of the three dimensions of self, others and context that operate at all times in a team, function and an organisation.

We work from the principle that remarkable results are catalysed by unleashing the invisible power of purpose that lies within individuals of a team and the strategic context.

Our approach

  • We work with the invisible and personal dimensions of an organisation, rather than a structural and system-based approach. Leadership and culture solutions based on this approach engage the areas that really matter to people. Such solutions are therefore authentically felt by those within the organisation along with its external stakeholders.

  • We work with what is real – we focus on real challenges, real relationships, real decisions and real problems that need to be solved. All of our solutions are tailored to fit our clients’ needs, purposes and culture. We invite people to bring the issues that matter most to them during our coaching and training. We then work with these direct experiences to unlock new possibilities and choices through open sharing and dialogue, rather than discussing case studies or conceptual theories.

  • The way we teach is experiential. We guide people to learn by practise and honest conversation, taking risks and experimenting, applying tried-and-tested methodologies to personal experience. Although we share conceptual frameworks that provide information, our experience without fail is that the direct experience of the transformation is the key to it lasting.

Our focus

Through our years of working with leaders, teams and organisations we have honed our approach to deliver transformational results in sustainable way.

It is built on the following elements:


    At the heart of our approach is the purposeful state; an invisible energy inside every human being, team and organisation.

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    This either limits or highly motivates and creates an environment for the remarkable.This inner state impacts all human beings when we are limited or highly functioning and is determined by either unconscious or conscious purposes being served in any situation.

    Transforming the inner state is essential for building outstanding capabilities and generating remarkable results.

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    Accountability is vital to the delivery of results, although little is understood about how to create it beyond structures and processes.

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    Most accountability creates transactional exchanges or reward-driven engagement. For remarkable results, organisations and leaders need to be able to generate genuine ownership and intrinsic responsibility through brave conversations when ‘no’ or ‘yes, but’ can be heard and resistance explored.

    Accountability is created through real commitment and clarity, where all the parts that people play are recognised and respected. Accountability is present when people and projects are joined together in common purpose, understanding and appreciating the role that every person and project is delivering.

    We facilitate the development of this vital ingredient in your organisation by helping embed the behaviours, structures, processes and strategies that will underpin everything you are trying to accomplish.

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    Working collaboratively at all levels, in functional or cross-functional teams, is key to an organisation’s effectiveness.

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    Collaborative working is usually approached by having well-formed agendas and structural solutions; yet this only addresses the process structure for conversation and not the invisible elements required.

    Conversations where the content overpowers the people having the conversations do not produce outstanding results.

    The Mind at Work’s collaborative conversation is built upon deep listening and speaking with purpose, honest straight-talk and a commitment to outputs that everyone can own. This is opposed to the norm of drifting, circular discussions, where protective communications rule.

    We facilitate and teach how to have conversations that create permission fields and transcend power structures to foster engagement, innovation, partnership, problem-solving, empowerment and remarkable results.

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    The Mind at Work works differently. ​I came to realise that the array of options I and others could choose from was way larger than what my training, my experience and my old ways of functioning suggested. For this discovered inner richness, I am much grateful to The Mind at Work.


    Axel Miller - Managing Director and CEO, D’Ieteren Group (2013 – 2019)

    The key thing The Mind at Work did was land the importance of purpose; and shone a very bright light on the value of us having a common purpose as a team.  ​We relate differently to each other now, when conflicts arise, we are equipped and willing to work through in a much more purposeful way. It is actually a very noticeable difference in how we now work together.


    Gretchen Watkins - CEO, Maersk Oil (2016 – 2018)

    What distinguishes The Mind at Work in a crowded field is the depth of their understanding and insights into individuals and the organisation. ​They have delivered real value, practical support, constructive challenge and inspiration. They have been real partners on the CAA’s leadership and culture journey.


    Andrew Haines - CEO, Civil Aviation Authority (2009 – 2018)
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