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Working with Purpose – Online Open Programme


Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st January 2021

Participant Background:

Our online Working with Purpose programme is aimed at leaders who want to experience and access The Mind at Work’s unique insights, knowledge and practises.

This is a rare opportunity to participate in an open leadership programme alongside leaders from diverse businesses; intrigued by how working with purpose can make a difference to them, their people and their performance.

Programme Overview:

This three-day programme will inspire and guide leaders to be individually and organisationally purposeful and to create healthy and high performing teams and organisations.

Upon completion of the online training all participants will have access to three individual coaching sessions with a member of The Mind at Work team to help embed their understanding and practical application of the learning.

Participants will leave the programme with:

  • The knowledge of how behaviours are driven and how to foster values-led behaviours. 
  • The practises of purposeful leadership, which generate engagement, genuine and sustainable motivation and creative problem-solving.
  • Skills to transform meetings into collaborative, empowering and decisive conversations that generate remarkable results.
  • The capacity to facilitate teams to be at their best and create a performance culture where everyone can thrive.
  • Owning their vision and purposes and able to engage others in them.

This will be an experiential leadership programme that will combine active discussion, sharing of rare knowledge and practises, and inspiring stimulus.

Course Outline:

Day One – Purpose and You:

  • Recognise how purposes guide and motivate you.
  • Learn to generate powerful purpose states that motivate and sustain.
  • Develop the capability to find meaning and purpose in challenging situations.

Day Two – Purpose and Others:

  • Recognise how purpose and meaning motivate others.
  • Learn how to engage, empower and guide purposefully.
  • Develop the capability to resolve differences through aligning purpose.

Day Three – Purpose and Your Organisation:

  • Recognise how purpose can make a difference to operational activity.
  • Learn how to work with purpose to transform meetings and projects.
  • Develop the capability to facilitate purposefully and meaningfully.


£1,950 (+VAT) consisting of three days training and three individual coaching sessions.

Further Information:

Contact: Annabelle Tatham –

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