The Sky’s the Limit – Remarkable Leadership at the CAA

The aviation regulator has a proud record of keeping flying safe and protecting consumers. But it knew it had to change to really fulfil its purpose of putting consumers and the public at the heart of its work.

They asked us to help grow leadership capability. The brief: to equip senior managers to lead a major transformation programme, modernising business practices throughout the organisation.

We spoke to people across the CAA to really get under the skin of the organisation, and understand what made it tick.

Working with the leadership team we designed practical tools to transform the culture. Tools to improve accountability, engagement and problem solving. Then we trained 60 senior managers how to use them.

Underpinning these, we taught an even more important skill: enabling people to notice and manage their own attitudes, and so transform their behaviour. 


The CAA has experienced a step change in leadership capability. Participants report remarkable improvements in their ability to deliver projects, handle difficult situations and manage relationships.

“What distinguishes The Mind at Work in a crowded field is the depth of their understanding and insights into individuals and the organisation; their readiness to develop solutions that met our needs and the exceptional quality of the delivery team. They have delivered real value , practical support , constructive challenge and inspiration. They have been real partners on the CAA’s leadership and culture journey.”

Andrew Haines, CAA Chief Executive

“The programme makes a difference to me every single day. I have undertaken leadership and management training in the military, government and commercial sector. But this was a step up from anything I have been involved with before.”

Andy Sinclair, CAA senior manager

“The programme has given me a number of highly effective new ways of managing difficulty, engaging better and addressing issues more directly.  This has improved my relationships at work, freed up time that had been previously been wasted on unproductive concerns and made life more enjoyable”

David Oastler, CAA senior manager

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