Leading Transformation – Genesis at SASOL Petroleum

SASOL Petroleum International is a new venture within the SASOL Group, an integrated energy and chemicals company working in 37 countries.

The CEO called us in to help create a more modern and international culture and way of working. The company was convinced it could do better on cost control and delivering projects on time.

One of the big challenges was a lack of skills for collaboration. In an environment where millions of dollars are committed each day, more efficient teamwork and decision making were essential.

Starting at the top, we helped the senior team get aligned on their five-year story.

Then we designed a highly experiential leadership programme – “Genesis” – for 100 leaders. It focused on enhancing self-awareness, developing authentic leadership, improving collaboration and creating a high accountability culture.

Ongoing peer support and coaching enabled participants to translate the training into their own leadership practice.


SPI is delivering a huge programme of work with significantly higher levels of measurable project delivery.

Engagement with the change story, pride, belief in leadership, and levels of collaboration have all risen.

“I heard many of my colleagues say that this was the most profound programme they had experienced – unlike any leadership course in its capacity to engage so much with the thinking that guides all our decisions. For me, this course cannot be contained to application in my work. It will reach out to how I live my life.”

SPI participant

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