Brewing Success at Molson Coors

For more than 350 years, Molson Coors have been brewing, innovating and delighting beer drinkers across the globe. They have over 15,000 people, 65 brands, and operate in 30 countries.

The company brought us in to build attitudes and capabilities for global leadership. They wanted to create a culture of brilliant execution and talent development.

We visited sites in the UK, US and Canada to see leadership in action. This enabled us to discover the corner-stones of great leadership in the business. But we also identified the attitudes and behaviours that were proving obstacles.

We designed a programme to make the shift from friendly, sometimes cautious and reactive leadership to a style that was more self-aware, forward thinking and courageous. That required more direct and inspiring communication, more focused conversations, and purposeful solution finding.

Our experiential training involved real conversations among senior leaders using the skills we introduced. We supported this with coaching and delivered a leadership session at their global conference to strengthen commitment to the practice of great leadership.


The programme built capability to lead outstanding performance throughout the company.

Participants reported significant business results with a year. They cited better engagement and more straight-talking among the outcomes. These have provided stronger direction and enabled tough business decisions to be made.

“The Living Leadership programme is the best programme I have done in my career. Everything I learned I could apply to my day-job immediately. The impact is so powerful.”

Commercial Support Manager, MCBC Canada

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