Living Service – British Airways

British Airways asked us to help craft a business model, vision and values to fit the challenges ahead, and to align and energise their people behind it.

So we gathered a team of people from across the airline’s different functions. To kick off the creative process we used stimulus from organisations with inspiring visions from around the world.

We facilitated the BA Board to work with the outputs from the group, and build the final product.

Finally, we helped design an engagement experience for everyone in BA to secure understanding and buy-in for the new business model, vision and values. 


The new vision and values made a big impact, generating energy and excitement across the company – 40,000 people across the globe.

“Darren’s facilitation skills are exceptional. He combines the ability to guide as well as to challenge. The new vision and values have made an immediate impact at all levels in the business.”

Sue Moore, British Airways

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