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Remarkable Minds
Remarkable Organisations

We facilitate organisations in developing transformational strategies, genuine accountability, remarkable talent, sincere engagement, exceptional innovation and service that deeply satisfies. We bring a wealth of experience in commercial accomplishments along with contemporary psychological approaches.

We know how to help leaders change their own inner operating systems. This drives radical accountability, sharpens decisions, and makes for more impactful innovation. Service becomes more meaningful, and effective partnerships are created.

Our work is known for its level of diagnostic precision. It is human, real, challenging and supportive. We are at times unorthodox, always experiential, always with an eye for the practical application, and deeply transformational.

The Mind At Work leads the way in comprehending, solving and performing from a higher domain than the limited mind.
Unleash this transformational force in your people and your organisation and foster remarkable people, remarkable leaders and a remarkable organisation.

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Pascale Ascher and Darren Rudkin lead The Mind At Work. Together they bring over 50 years' experience of supporting organisations and individuals to be their best.